Three little Monkeys

Three little Monkeys

Thursday, January 2, 2014

And It's a........

I never updated my blog even saying we are having another baby. I would feel bad about it, but I gave that up a long time ago. There isn't a whole lot that I keep up with anymore. Keeping 3 kids intact and alive is an accomplishment.

I actually also keep a journal. I started this journal when Chad and I got engaged. The months leading to the wedding are full with details.  After the wedding, I started journaling about my pregnancy with Cole...Needless to say, if you have ANY questions about how much weight I gained at what week, what my cravings were, the time (including the minutes) that he moved etc... I could tell you it all. Then after he was born, I logged everything from what he did, the time he did it, how often he did it, what he ate, what he weighed, what he said... blah blah blah. Then my pregnancy with Sydney was logged, almost as detailed, but a little shorter. Poor Preston has about 6 pages on pregnancy and maybe 5 or 6 pages to document the last 4 years..... This time around, I wrote I was pregnant when we found out, and here we are 19 weeks and 4 days later, and I am writing the gender.

He will understand..... He will be overly spoiled and I will compensate in other ways.... YES! IT'S A BOY! We are having another boy. The ultrasound went a little like this..

Sonographer: Oh you have beautiful children, they are so well behaved. Do you want to see the baby?
Little Triplett's: YES!
Sonographer: Here is the baby, there is the head... oh look at the pretty little face, how sweet.
Little Triplett's: Wow! Look at the baby!
Sydney: Awe, it's so cute
Sonographer: OK, let's see what the baby is...... It's A BOY!!!!
Triplett Boys: YAY!!!!!
Sydney: (while crying) I wanted a sister!!!!! I'll never have a sister...... I wanted a girl!
Triplett boys: AH HA, we get a brother, you don't get a sister
Chad: OK, that's enough boys
Me: It's OK Sydney, we just wanted a healthy baby
Chad: Sydney, God wanted Mommy to have a boy, so he gave us a boy! You will always be my only girl...
Cole: (in a whisper) yea, that means you are special
Sydney: I don't want to be special, stop talking to me.
I almost have tears because I am trying not to laugh.....
A few minutes later, Sydney says while rubbing my arm, "it's OK Mommy, I will still hold it." I am pretty sure she has come to terms that she will be the only girl.

We are excited. Of course we didn't have a preference. We just wanted a healthy baby. I think secretly I wanted Syd to be the only girl because her and I have a bond that is special. We could have always added another to our club, but I like it being her and I....

So, I guess I am off. I am off to find plans and a builder. I am hoping someone can build me a rubber room, because one more boy in this house will require more walls to bounce off of!!!!!!