Three little Monkeys

Three little Monkeys

Friday, November 25, 2011


What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had! I absolutely love being with my family..... Everyone in my family.... The kids and I went to Greenville on Wednesday (Chad was working). Wednesday night, my brother came down and my sister and her family came over to Mama and Daddy's. Daddy made a fire and we roasted marshmallows and made smores.... Well, that isn't exactly how it went. It was more like this.... The 6 kids burned marshmallows, would bring them out, try to blow on them, but it wouldn't blow out... So they ended up in the fire. Then they would get the hershey bars and break off pieces of chocolate and eat a bite, and then give one of the dogs a bite.... And I made smores. I realized after about the 4th one that I didn't need to eat anymore....

Chad showed up really late Wednesday night, so needless to say, the kids waited until he got there. Preston has completely turned into a Daddy's boy. He loves everything about Chad. He kept saying, "I sleep RIGHT NOW with Daddy." But Chad hadn't arrived yet. Finally around 11pm, he showed up. Preston refused to go to bed until he got there. He follows Chad around like his little shadow. When you ask him how much he loves daddy, he smiles and says, "BIG!!!!" I just love him!

Thursday Daddy and Chad and Charles went and played golf, and Mama and I prepared our Thanksgiving lunch... Yes I said Prepared... My daddy had been cooking all week, so there wasn't much cooking to do. The food was soooo delicious! Cole absolutely loves the idea of being together with family. He thinks it is great to go and play with his cousins and have Poppi act "CRAZY" and have Mimi slip him soft drinks and candy.

Chad had to drive back to Fuquay Thursday night. He had to work on Friday and my poor Preston..... He cried as he watched Chad's truck pull away with our Golden Dodger, aka Bubba... He just cried, DADDY, BUBBA, DADDY, BUBBA! I tried taking him away from the window, but little tears just fell down his cheek. He just longs to be with Daddy...

Thursday night, Mama and Daddy babysat my kids and I went to the movies with Shannon and Charles. I LOVE my sister and brother. Some how when we are all together alone (not often) the most ODD subjects are talked about, a few foul noises are heard (from Charles of course), and MANY MANY laughs are had. Usually Shannon says something that didn't exactly make much sense, I am the one who calls it out, Charles shakes his head and we all loose our breath laughing.

We were able to catch a great deal and get into the movie for free... When we arrived, I thought it may be a private showing because we seemed to be the only breathing creatures other than the few girls working the snack stand. Charles refused to get popcorn because he swears the kids who run the popcorn stand probably pee in it at night... His face told the story... YES, he admits he had friends who did that when they were young.... hmmmm. Can I get a small popcorn with butter and a small coke zero.??? Thank you... Didn't taste like urine to me.... :) We get into the movie, and it is pitch black with no one in it... About 5 mins after it was supposed to start, Charles gets up to go tell them there is no movie... They start the movie and we were lucky.... They skipped the previews... Only Shannon would think that stinks.... She wanted to see the previews.... Our typical movie goes like this. Shannon- Oh wow! I want to see that!!! Charles- Shannon, don't be like Dad and talk through the movie... Me- Is somebody going to help me eat this popcorn???? Shannon- I will.... 10 mins later.... Me- You want popcorn? Shannon- Yes.... doesn't get any though... Shannon- What just happened? Charles- Stop talking in the movie.... Shannon- bust out laughing... Me- Is somebody going to eat this popcorn? Shannon- yes, me.... never gets any....

We leave the movie (which was great) and Shannon is ready to take a picture. I think we were definitely the only ones in the theater at this point. We are saying Cheese like 4 or 5 times and the pictures kind of takes but not great... Next thing you see, Charles starts running to the car....never really got the picture and he wasn't really worried about it... Typical man, typical brother.... love him so much!

 This is Charles and his wife Whitney.... Cole has a crush on her...
 My sister Shannon.... I call her Nae Nae
                                         Us as three little trouble makers and dirty mouths.

I sure miss my family. I miss my sister and brother and mom and dad. Charles lives in Richmond, Va and I only see him a few times a year. Wonder why? Because it takes 4 hours to get there... What a lame excuse. I've got to get better about that! He is my baby brother. Even if he is a 31 year old 6 ft married man.... Who I will add maybe one of the best looking men around...:) I miss my sister too. We have so much fun when we are together. We are polar opposites in almost every aspect of who we are, yet we understand each other better than anyone else ever could. Her kids are my kids best friends and I love that.

I can't wait for Christmas..... November and December are my favorite months of every year!!!