Three little Monkeys

Three little Monkeys

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Until We meet again Sweet Boy

Our Sweet Sweet Bubba. Oh how I miss you so.... Today was the hardest day I can remember ever having. You have meant the world to us....

When Daddy and I brought you home, we knew we had something special in store. You taught us so much. Most importantly, you taught us how to Love SELFLESSLY. You were our world before we had Cole, Sydney and Preston. And after, you were ALL of our world.

You loved with everything you had. You never made us feel like you were jealous, only happy. You have left a huge empty space in our lives, our home and our Hearts. I will so miss telling the kids to SHUT THE DOOR so Bubba doesn't run out. Push your plate back so Bubba doesn't jump up and get your food. Pick up your toys so Bubba doesn't eat them. Open the door so Bubba can come in. I will miss not turning on the Fireplace because you were laying up against it. I will miss telling you to move so I can open the refrigerator. I will miss vacuuming your hair. I will miss telling Sydney to not lay on you so hard. I will miss seeing her come down in the morning and love on you. I will miss you walking me instead of me walking you. I will miss everything about you.

Bubs, I know you feel better now. I know you are going to be waiting for us on the other side. Until then Sweet Sweet Boy, we will be missing you. We love you....

April 23rd 2003- Oct 15th 2013..... Dodger Handsomeboy Triplett